Stinky Ebony Soles

Deanna’s Candid Stinky Soles
–Trying out other camera and angle– –Deanna– –22 years old– –Size 6.5 Feet– –Super Smelly Feet– –So Deanna is back for her 2nd shoot.I had to bring her back after the stories about her Disgusting smelling Black leather boots. So after our first shoot,I told her she would be back and if you haven’t noticed,I rarely bring people back for another shoot.Nothing personal,I just like new feet lol.However Deanna’s soles are just something special to behold.

Then you also have the beautiful smelling stench of her feet which she isn’t embarrassed about which I love.She stated how she was cool with doing another shoot.About 2 weeks later she texted asking if I forgot about her and a 2nd shoot.I told her that I definitely didn’t forget about her and we schedule something soon.About a week later we set something up and I told her that I had a request for her to wear those Stinky black leather boots that she talked about on the first shoot.She replied back and here is how the convo looked went Me:Please wear those stinky black leather boots on the way to the shoot and a couple hrs before the shoot. Her:Ok but y? Me No reply Her:They make my feet smell gross Me: No reply Her:I warned you Me:Its not going to be that bad Her:U have no idea Me:I will be fine and it wont be as bad as you say.Also don’t put on any scented lotion and wear them as much as possible before the shoot. Her:Ok Me: [Smile] So I was really looking forward to seeing her soles again and really really looking forward to seeing what her feet smelled like after wearing boots.So she arrived at my house was indeed wearing those boots and looking good.She had her hair done very nicely and I noticed that first because I hated her hair on the first shoot lol.

We got started instantly and she just complained how her feet felt gross after wearing those boots for the last 2 hrs.She is really disgusted by the boots but they are nice and comfy so she still wears them.She has been wearing them often for the last 2 years.She took off her boots for the first video and you could instantly smell her feet.She noticed it first and commented on it first as well.She had a sickening look on her face and it was hilarious.You could tell her feet had been baking and sweating all morning.I couldn’t wait to bury my face in them. I asked what she thought of the foot fetish culture after her first shoot and she still thinks it is the weirdest thing ever lol.We went back and forth the whole shoot on it.I got some amazing really close angles and views of her feet on this shoot.I mean these videos are fucking insane and if you are a sole man like me then you will love these videos.I swear there is just something about her and her soles that drive me wild.Her soles are so meaty,thick wide and wrinkly.They have an awesome glaze on them as well.I swear her soles turn me on more than any other model.I swear I watched her videos about 10 times after our shoot.I told her that people might be interested in her boots and smelly flats and she just laughed and said she would definitely sell them.I picked up her flats up and they smelt awful and I loved it.I then picked up her boots and man they did smell disgusting.She looked at me and said,I told you so and we both started dying laughing.You could feel the dampness in them as well. We went to my room and did a few more videos and then I asked to do a video smelling her feet and she replied sure,go head lol.

It was my chance to see what her feet smelled like and I was kinda let down.I mean it was 3 weeks worth of anticipation and stories of her smelly leather boots and I would only rate it an 7.5/10.Her feet definitely have a sweaty,cheesy and pungent smell to them.I think her feet smelled worse on the first shoot but then again I did put a little lotion on her feet early.The smell between her toes was perfect tho.She just texted on her phone as I smelled away.It was kinda funny and I did a few more videos and pics after that.Deanna is definitely a cool and funny chick.She still doesn’t understand or like the whole foot fetish thing but I am slowly changing her mind,well maybe I am lol… I am adding her new videos starting tonight.If you didn’t get a chance to see her first videos please check these out.They are so fucking incredible and my favorite clips to currently look at.I cant get enough of her feet.