Nude Indian Soles

Nia’s Candid Stinky Soles
–Nia in Nude nylons– —Nia– –18 years old– –Size 8 Feet– –Indian– –So this is new material from Nia’s 3rd shoot.– –Now,this was truly a spur of the moment shoot and a shoot that almost didn’t happen.The newest Jordan’s were coming out on this day and I had to get them and Nia wanted some for herself as well.A couple days before I just asked Nia if she had some free time and she actually did but wanted to get those shoes early that morning.It was my last day shooting for the month and she didn’t know what time she was coming over.I had very limited time to shoot on that day as well but wanted to get something.So we decided to play it by ear and shoot as much as could if she made it over. I went to sleep at like 4am and woke up at 7 am to get the shoes and ended up not being able to get back to sleep and I felt like .Something didn’t agree with my stomach but I really wanted to see Nia and do this shoot.It turns out she had been up since 7am and in the cold trying to get the shoes also lol.We had set a time for 11 am and I texted her what time she was going to be over and she said 1230.I am glad she did because I didn’t have to rush and could hopefully feel better by then.She arrived at like 1245 and I knew I really had to rush to get this material in around 2hrs or less. You could tell she was really tired from being up early in the morning but Nia is definitely a trooper.I thought her last videos were ok but really wanted to get better videos and pictures this time.It was nice and bright outside and these videos came out really great.I like these videos much much more than her other clips.I also had her rub her feet together and cross her ankles more in the videos.She had me so excited rubbing her feet together and it was very hard to stay focused.However,I knew a footjob was happening later and it did lol.Time was flying and I was getting some really great videos but only had like 45 mins left in the shoot.Once again the tough decision of do I get more videos/pictures or a footjob came up.I knew I had to get some pictures but chose the footjob again lol.Whats funny is that my stomach was so messed up and I so much gas that I almost cancelled the shoot early and passed up the footjob.Right before the footjob I went to the bathroom and got rid of some of the gas and felt like a new man lol.Part of it was nervousness also tho. Now,last shoot Nia and I talked about releasing the footjobs videos and doing more.I also told her I wanted to try some new positions with her and she was down for it.She was actually really excited to try them.I had her wear her smelly flats all morning but for some reason her feet didn’t smell as bad as I thought they would.I was kinda let down but still smelled them and got excited very quickly.Nia’s feet are so fucking soft,its crazy.She was pretty good at using her toes during footjobs but I wanted to teach her how to give a solejob and this 1 technique I call the Paige technique which my model name Paige came up with during her footjob that she gave me.Basically the Paige technique is a really tight locking solejob where once you are in it you are done lol.The pressure and grip is so tight that I usually don’t last more than a couple mins.Also with the Paige technique once it is locked in the woman’s feet usually don’t slip or lose rhythm.So that was my plan and we got started. She started uses her toes and soles and then I told her to try and just use her soles only.It took her a few attempts but then she finally got it and OMG!!!! I felt like coming instantly.Nia’s has those soft kind of soles where your dick literally sinks into them.It was like her soles were pillows for my dick lol.Now,my plan was to shoot close 15 mins of footjob material so I had to stop her before I came lol.I told her to please remember that technique because that is going to be our ending of the video.So we went to the second footjob position that I wanted to try and this was the 1 I told her in the restaurant.Basically she lays on her side and using the top and bottom of her feet to stroke up and down at the same time.I had Jacklyn do this position as well and it might just be my new favorite.It is also such a turn on to see upclose and in person.Nia caught on very quickly with this position and once again I had to stop myself from coming.She mastered this position and she said it was the easiest one to do as well.She then slowed down and did it kind of sensually.Sliding both of her soles and toes up my dick at the time rhythmically.After 2 mins I stopped her and told her go back to the sole job for the finish.It took her a few seconds to get the paige technique back down but once she did and I had her slow down a little bit and really grip me I was done.I maybe lasted a minute once she got it.She put so much pressure on my dick that I still felt it after she left to go home lol.I came and she just kept going until I was drained and stopped her.OMG do I love her soft soles. Anyway Nia’s Footjob Part 2 which is on my clipstore right now is the footjobs from this shoot right here.I guarantee you will love it if you have not seen it yet.So after we literally had like 15 mins to do as many pictures as possible lol.Some how I was able to get a ton of new pictures which came out really good and I will be adding Nia’s Picture set today or tomorrow.We decided to shoot for 20 mins more to get more pictures and she said how her feet were tired and kinda sore.I told her that I would love to give her a foot massage and she said oh you don’t have to.I told her I wanted to and that I wasn’t taking no for an answer.Her face lit up and she said well ok,I wont stop you. Ok,small confession. I have no idea how to give a foot massage lol. But I did watch a couple Youtube videos on it lol. Back to the story. So I was saying in my head WTF are you going to do and I hope she likes.I started rubbing the bottom of her feet and remembered the video saying how the tops of the feet need more attention and pressure on them during foot massages.So I put both her feet in my lap and on my knee and started rubbing the top of her left foot with both of my hands.She let out an oooooooooooooo and said wow that feels good.The way she said had me really excited on top of seeing her gorgeous feet in front of me so close,literally a couple inches away.I kept at it and you can tell she was really enjoying it.I wear glasses but don’t wear them much and Damn her feet are really gorgeous in person.They were so soft and smooth.I then massaged her other foot as we were talking.I ended up giving her a 10 minute foot massage and I could’ve kept going for an hr lol. I was so nervous and hope she was enjoying it.After that she left and later that night she said how much she loved the foot massage and she could’ve went right to sleep the way I was rubbing her feet.I told her she could’ve but I would have definitely took advantage of her feet while she was sleep lol.She just laughed and said she knows. These new clips are simple amazing and the way she moves and rubs her feet together will have you loving Nia and her feet even more.Also please make sure to checkout her 2 footjob videos.I will also be adding her picture set and please let me know if you have any requests for Nia and I will try to make it happen